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Application of reducer in juice machine

With the improvement of people's health awareness, there are a lot of juicing machine household appliances on the market, such as juicer, original juicer, wall breaking machine, etc., can easily help people cook. The appearance of these machines undoubtedly gives people a similar feeling, but in fact, careful observation finds that they will still find different places.

Application of reducer in juice machine

Gear motors are used to transmit motion and power from one shaft to another by continuously engaging the correct contact. By about 2600 BC, the Chinese were able to use a series of intricate gear mechanisms for which chariots are known. Later, the gear motor is used in the juice machine, in order to make food grinding more detailed, food cell wall is not destroyed, slow grinding technology requires the motor to slow down, compact gear transmission device, gear transmission effect up to 98%, on the other hand, the relative cost of gear motor is high, and it requires attention to lubrication, cleanliness, shaft alignment and so on. It is often used to provide accurate case moistening and sealing.

The gear reduction motor of the original juice machine can be divided into plane gear mechanism and space gear mechanism. The plane gear box mechanism is used to transfer motion and power, and the motion between parallel shafts and power space gear mechanism is used to transfer the motion and power between non-parallel shafts.

In the deceleration motor, the air gap is generally 0.2mm ~ 1.5mm. When the air gap is large, the excitation current is required to be large, thus affecting the power factor of the motor; If the air gap is too small, the rotor may have friction or collision. Generally, due to the serious out-of-tolerance of the bearing and the wear and deformation of the inner hole of the end cover, the different axes of the frame, the end cover and the rotor cause sweeping, which is easy to make the motor heat or even burn. If the bearing wear is found, it should be replaced in time, and the end cover should be replaced or brushed. The simpler treatment method is to insert the end cover.