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What are the characteristics of a juicer?


What if you buy a good juicer? The following Xiaobian summarizes the characteristics of a high-quality juice machine:

1. Press vegetable juice, fruit juice, soybean milk, grains, etc., and expand the function of pressing noodles, grinding flour, etc., multi-functional can easily achieve the multi-purpose of one machine.

2. Antique stone grinding principle, pure physical low speed pressing method, can retain pure natural taste and nutrition.

3. Selection of high quality motor large motor, in order to operate stable, shock-proof, anti-leakage juice. (Xiaobian recommended to choose more than 200 watts)

4. Horizontal mechanism, shock-proof, anti-leakage, more safe and durable.

5. Can be widely used in a variety of ingredients, basic conventional ingredients can be squeezed.

6 low decibels, low noise, so every morning can be squeezed fresh soy milk to drink.

7 accessories to choose overlapping design, so that disassembly and assembly can be more convenient.

8. It's important that all the accessories that touch the ingredients are made of safe materials.

9. With high juicing rate, the juicing rate can reach more than 90%.

10. The filter should be filtered by multiple layers, so as to make the ingredients more fully out of the juice.

11. Easy to clean and store.

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