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Are toasters worth buying?


How is the bread made? What additives are added? I'm really curious. Look at the ingredients list. I can't even pronounce the names of many additives. They should be sweet, sweet and fresh.

There are so many varieties of takeaway bread, so much sweeter and greasier that even the most ordinary slice of toast contains more caster sugar than you might think


More than that. What percentage of whole wheat flour is used in even the healthiest whole-wheat bread? How much sugar is added to improve the rough texture of the whole wheat? You'll never know what real whole wheat bread tastes like until you make it yourself - the difference between heaven and earth, coffee and garlic, compared to white bread.

Toasters are not only versatile, they are also easy to operate, and the weights and proportions of the various ingredients do not need to be precise. In other words, even if you don't have cooking skills, you can easily make healthy and delicious whole wheat bread, white bread, cakes, rice cakes... There are also functions for mixing, kneading, and raising dough (I haven't used them because I don't need them).

If you like the chewy texture of whole wheat, use whole wheat flour, no granulated sugar at all, and use the sweetness of pumpkin for a really healthy and delicious "pumpkin whole wheat bread."

If you want a change, use real white bread powder to make pull-out hand-torn bread. With the right flour, homemade bread tastes just as good as takeaway bread. Note: No matter what kind of bread, the sugar can be omitted, but the salt must be added! Otherwise it won't taste good. What kind of bread do you want to make, even cake, toast, steamed bread, etc., are very convenient, do not need to buy. In particular, toasters are becoming more and more sophisticated, more and more user-friendly, completely hands-free, leaving the whole process to the machine.